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Vito and Willy sustainable-true eyewear

Vito y Willy is the sustainable Spanish eyewear brand because it works guiding the future.

Vito y Willy is a brand of sustainable Spanish glasses that was born in an optician of more than 100 years, Samot, in the center of Santander.

The brand is special because of many things that focus on a story full of positivity and energy. Taking into account the value of the land we live in and each of the elements that make it up, we believe in sustainability as a lifestyle.

The Spanish and sustainable glasses from Vito and Willy are brand glasses design in Spain and with a price destined entirely to the quality of the product. What is your process to be able to say that the brand is sustainable? A healthy process, respectful with the environment and thinking about the future of the planet.

They are glasses made by hand with cellulose acetate, an organic material that is born from 100% biodegradable and anti-allergic cotton.

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Vito y Willy is a healthy process, respectful with the environment and thinking about the future

The key to being a brand of glasses made in Spain with a conception based on sustainability, joins its design based on creating frames that last for your entire life. The glasses that most include for their design and distinguish Vito and Willy from other brands are the large frame glasses, within the Optical Oversized and Sun Oversized collections.

Vito and Willy ® makes sustainable, exclusive, handmade glasses and sunglasses affordable

Vito and Willy’s sunglasses are the same. With a large design that fits your face shape and to see things, always with respect and positivity. Both options, sight or sun have the great advantage – apart from being sustainable and helping the future – they can be prescription glasses thanks to our experience in optics and our career in Samot. All our glasses are graduated with Nikon lenses.

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For this new year, our sunglasses for women and men will be ideal glasses to see the sea -or the mountains- and not be bothered by sunlight. Similarly, Vito and Willy glasses made in Spain will accompany you all your life because what we want is that you never change glasses so that you can change the world.

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